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Weddings during a Global Pandemic

Whoa..... what an impact this 'Covid-19' Pandemic has had on our vulnerable planet. Since March 2020, we have ALL experienced challenging times in one way or another. The Wedding Industry has been hit pretty hard, and I've found it very difficult at times with the constant negativity.... but.... we can't take for granted how vital our health and existence is, and this is the main thing. Weddings will recommence in due course and I for one, will welcome the day.

However, It hasn't all been doom and gloom - there have been beautiful moments where love took over, and smaller limited coverage weddings could take place. I was fortunate enough to photograph several of them over the last few months and here's a few moments of happiness to share with you all. *Please bear in mind that these weddings took place during different levels/tiers of lockdown with different restrictions in place each time.

With there being so many restrictions with photographing Weddings, I had to create a temporary package to factor in the limited opportunities available, which usually meant that I met guests pre ceremony and stayed with them for approximately 3 hours, once the ceremony, group shots & couples shots were completed... with as much detail and emotion in between.

Pre-Ceremony allowed brief time to capture small detail, guests arriving and the grooms, looking cool!

Then the all important ceremony. After all this is what makes the "Covid-19" wedding so special - the fact that 'getting married' is what it's all about.

There's always time for a little confetti and the accompanying natural emotion :-) Congratulations to the newly weds - separate individual blogs will follow for some, in the near future, when Wedding receptions take place on rescheduled dates.

I love a walking shot, so this was a nice opportunity to capture the entire wedding party whilst socially distancing at different depths away from the camera, with the Bride & Groom (and their beautiful girls) as the main subjects within the shot. The remainder of the time was spent capturing various group shots and the lovely Brides & Grooms within the stunning surroundings.

I was even fortunate to capture a brief reception with First Dance at one wedding. All in all, these were a complete breath of fresh air and really lifted the spirits in a difficult 2020. Lets hope for even more happy faces in 2021, like these.......

I wish Kirsty & Dave, Charlotte & Luke, Natalie & Phil and Delyth & Dan a lifetime of happiness together. I loved capturing their days with great friends and family. If you know of anyone that might be getting married during a pandemic or any other time, anywhere in the world, and are in need of a wedding photographer to capture their day, please spread the word.

As Kelly Rowland once sang...."Love Takes Over".

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Haydock; Mr & Mrs Hier; Mr & Mrs Pogmore and Mr & Mrs Lloyd-Davies!!!


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