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Oriel Hotel - Lorna & Kevin

This was a lovely day for a lovely couple. Lorna & Kevin met at a wedding tin 2017, where they were guests. They got chatting. 5 years later - It was their day.

The morning began with Lorna at her sisters home, down the road from the wedding venue - Oriel Hotel. Kevin, meanwhile was getting ready at his and Lorna's home, the other end of the city.

Vintage cars featured strongly in Lorna & Kevin's wedding from the table plans to the wedding cars - a convoy of immaculate Sunbeam Stiletto's and a Singer, which brought Lorna to the Oriel Hotel. This blue one 'Sunbeam' is Kevin's pride and joy. This wasn't all that impressed me on the day - Kevin made his own wedding ring out of an old 'half crown' coin.

Guests awaited Lorna and her sister, a short drive away at the Oriel Hotel. She soon arrived and after a couple of portrait photo's on the lawns the ceremony could commence at the Llanelwy Suite.