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The Barn at Faenol Fawr - Sarah & Danielle

Another wedding which has been rescheduled so many times, Sarah & Danielle booked me 899 days earlier. Finally it was their day and I was fortunate to be able to capture this stunning celebration.

Sarah & Danielle, together with their separate bridal parties prepared in separate locations on the grounds of the Faenol Fawr. This meant I was able to flit easily between both parties to capture double the wedding prep, double the dresses, double the dress reveals.....and one of the highlights of the day and a really beautiful moment, just before the ceremony - a dress reveal to one another.

I loved this moment too when the Dads greeted their daughters to walk them down the aisle. The ceremony soon followed.

Now officially married, it was time for a massive celebration for the new Mrs & Mrs Kerr-Timmins. Saxophonist Matt Hines and Pianist Ryan Phillips set the mood whilst drinks flowed and group photo's and portraits took place.